And we're finished! 14 amazing countries have participated in HestFest and below you can see when which countries have hosted their HestFest activities. Have you spotted an activity you would like to see? All content is still available so if you visit the country's page in the drop down menu next to the 'program' tap you can still check out all their content!


10&11 July

17&18 July

19&20 July

21 July

22 July

23 July

24 July

26&27 July

28 July

29 July

30 July

31 July & 1 August

2 August

4&5 August

6&7 August

8 August


Competition livestream

Scavenger hunt & beach ride

Instagram story trail ride

National youth training camp

Interview: Icelandics in New Zealand

National youth training camp

FEIF Young Leaders Event meeting

Zoom get together with movie, quiz, and slideshow

Ride-along video through Germany

Art class

Liberty work with Caeli Cavanagh + Zoom meeting

Various videos on Australian nature, wildlife, and Icelandic horses

Facebook and Instagram takeover

Instagram takeover

Horse Agility & In-Hand Showing via Zoom & various videos

DIY's & tour at frá Fensalir I and II