Our team

Of course, we are a dedicated team which takes care of the behind the scenes of HestFest. Most of us are members of the Dutch youth committee, most of us since 2018 but our newest addition officially joined in February this year. We are supported by the FEIF and especially by Gundula Sharman.

Stella Timmerman has been the Dutch youth leader since 2018 and is currently 26 years old. When she was 12 she started riding Icelandic horses and never stopped. She developed a special love for riding pace and still enjoys it every time, both on competitions and in the woods where she usually rides her horses.

Seva is the youngest and newest member of our team at 17 years old and helps us connect to young Icelandic horse enthusiasts. She is a very allround rider and loves to teach her young horse Tigull new things.

Gundula Shaman is the FEIF Director of Youthwork

“Part of the remit of any youthwork is to stay up there with the young, their innovative ideas and their new thoughts on collaboration and communication. With this in mind, the FEIF Youth Committee welcomes and supports this initiative of the Dutch Youth Committee, which aims to fill part of the gap left in our summer dreams by the global pandemic. Let’s meet across national borders, languages, and cultures. Let’s share our love for the Icelandic horse world and all the amazing things happening there. Let’s celebrate HestFest 2021.”

Merel has been a committee member since 2018 and has ridden horses in the past. Although she doesn't own one now, she is owned herself by two Hungarian Viszla's. In daily life, she studies food safety at Wageningen University.

Our team member Michelle takes care of the web site and assists with solving various problems. In daily life, she loves to ride her horse and studies business management. She has been part of the Dutch youth committee since November 2018.

When things get going and you need someone who is dedicated to make the event a success, Mirella's the one you need. She is a farrier so she knows all about hard work and doesn't hesitate to do any of the heavy lifting.

Jules is our very experienced web designer. He has final say (or woof) on all pictures and text.